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"Megabot, Destroy!!" - Hiro Hamada

Our custom designed Megabot Stretchy Toy is here. Now kids ( and adults, big kids ) will have a world of fun playing with your own megabot! Each piece can be stretched! And the Megabot is still together!
Movie accurate design - posable now!
Megabot will always be together!!
Every piece is connected together with bungee like chord!
Compact size! Only 8 in wide x 11in tall!
Flat Face Design with more movie accurate/child proof faces! Each Megabot head has 2 faces that you can rotate between faces!
All pieces have been created with shiny plastic - Some pieces have imperfections to give the robot tough look!
When laying or dropping megabot on floor, faces are protected with commercial printed stickers with water resistant ink.
Two faces! In cute mode, you simply rotate head to the smiley face. In destroy mode, you rotate head to the growling teeth mode!
Free wall mount stand and 2 Baymax trinkets included!!!
Extra Pair of Faces can be purchased here: Extra Sticker Faces